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The New York Times
A Bar Sprint in a Cocktail-Crazed City April 26, 2013
Cachaça: Beyond a One-Note Samba July 10, 2012
Will the Real Mai Tai Please Stand Up? October 6, 2010
Tiki Revival Comes to Manhattan January 8, 2010
Staging a Rum Rebellion December 1, 2009
Refreshing by Definition June 23, 2009
The Pulse of Summer: Blender Drinks are Back June, 25, 2008
Interview with Times editor Pete Wells about contemporary use of blenders featuring an original cocktail recipe.
Let 100 (O.K.,8) Bartending Philosophies Bloom December 2, 2008
Mentioned as the bartender defining the bartending philosophy of the "Faux Tropicalists".
The Best Bars in America, 2013 May 28, 2013
Smuggler's Cove Featured
How to (Really) Drink Rum December 1, 2011
America's Best Bars 2012 July 03, 2012
Guardian UK
Top 10 bars in San Francisco June 5, 2013
One of the most celebrated tiki bars in the world, Smuggler's Cove offers a vast selection of rums and historically grounded tiki drinks that range from fun to zany to seriously boozy.
World's 50 Best Bars
The World's 50 Best Bars 2013 2013
#30 Smuggler's Cove
World's 50 Best Bars 2012 2012
World's 50 Best Bars 2011 2011
San Francisco Chronicle
Holiday Punch Bowls November 1, 2013
Setting up a home bar for your holiday party can be a daunting task. To take away the daunting part, there's an easy solution that's also an old bartender trick - the punch bowl.
Dive bars defy trendy cocktail culture October 25, 2013
Martin points out a key architectural feature of great dive bars
Smuggler’s Cove and Tommy’s named among the world’s 50 best bars October 10, 2013
Temptress Von Teese strips out the explicit December 2, 2012
Dita Von Teese counts Smuggler's Cove among her favorite things in San Francisco.
Smuggler’s Cove, Tommy’s and Bar Agricole: The three best bars in San Francisco? November 7, 2011
How has the cocktail scene changed in the last five years? May 20, 2011
Revving up for the 2011 Bar Stars May 19, 2011
Spiced rum heats up as temperatures fall December 12, 2010
‘Okole maluna (bottoms up) to favorite tropical cocktails–what’s yours? November 24, 2010
Sugarcane rums gaining in popularity July 25, 2010
Coffee liqueurs make a splash in cocktails May 30, 2010
A look ahead for Bay Area bar scene May 16, 2010
Using strong alcohol: The proof is in the taste February 28, 2010
Opening just in time for the holidays December 13, 2009
Smuggler's Cove makes its debut December 8, 2009
Chefs.Food.Wine...and cocktails August 12, 2009
Inside Scoop: Umbrella Time June 11, 2009
San Francisco gets a temple to rum June 04, 2009
From Thanksgiving to tree trimming, cocktails to suit every party occasion November 7, 2008
Rum's Ship Comes In April 25, 2008
Hot Dram! Allspice Liqueur Returns to America March 28, 2008
Bar Stars: The Chronicle honors bartenders who are defining Bay Area cocktail culture (Main Story) February 1st, 2008
Bar Stars: Martin Cate
Named by the San Francisco Chronicle as one of six Bay Area bartenders "essential in defining cocktail culture here and across the country"
Sipping News: Tiki Bar Crawl November 2, 2007
Sipping News: Scaring Up Halloween Cocktails October 26th, 2007
Ressurecting Spirits October 19, 2007
Bartender’s Secret: Maple Syrup October 19, 2007
Bay Area bartenders Earn Toasts at New Orleans Cocktail Event July 27, 2007
Sipping News: Cocktail Week May 11, 2007
'Bar-tweenies' need lessons in basic mixology October 10, 2010
Sipping News April 13, 2007
Sipping News: Rumfest February 16, 2007
SF Weekly
Best Cure-All Cocktail - 2013 May 29, 2013
Best Flaming Drinks - 2013 May 29, 2013
Drink of the Week: The Port Au Prince at Smuggler's Cove November 30, 2012
San Francisco's Top 10 Cocktail Bars January 27, 2012
Farmers' Market Cocktail Night: Pacific Coast Produce Meets Pacific Rim May 24 2011
Best of 2011 Reader's Poll Winners May 2011
Best Flaming Drink - 2011 Top-Notch Volcano at Smuggler's Cove 2011
The Familiar Charms of Smuggler’s Cove May 11, 2011
Triumvirate Rum: Customer Appreciation You Can Sip April 29, 2011
Forget Your Tax Blues at National Painkiller Day at Smuggler's Cove April 18, 2011
Volcano, a Flamer at Cocktail Bar of the Year Smuggler's Cove March 25, 2011
Smuggler's Cove Named Cocktail Bar of the Year  March 14, 2011
Drink 2011: Cocktails, Let's Go Bowling March 9, 2011
Is Your Champagne Unworthy of a Toast? Turn It into Cocktails December 30, 2010
S.F.'s Best Hot Drinks for a Cold Season December 22, 2010
Port Royal, a Jamaican Heater at Smuggler's Cove November 5, 2010
The Creepiest of Drunks: Top Five Halloween Cocktails  October 18, 2010
'Where Can I Meet the Ladies?' May 7, 2010
Caribeño Cocktail at Smuggler's Cove April 28, 2010
Get Your Drink On: Martin Cate's Hunk of Burning Love February 12, 2010
Martin Cate of Smuggler's Cove: The SFoodie Interview December 14, 2009
San Francisco Bay Guardian
Our 50 favorite San Francisco bars -- all on one page! February 26, 2013
Best of the Bay 2010 Editors Picks: Arts and Nightlife July 27, 2010
Reader’s Poll 2010 – Best Overall Bar in San Francisco July 27, 2010
Appetite: Smuggler's Cove Shanghais the Tiki Vibe  December 9, 2009
Bars of Mystery June 14, 2007
Online Edition
Printable Version
7x7 Magazine
Channel Your Inner Beachcomber with a Taste of Tiki October 17, 2013
Three Films to Pair with Three Drinks from Smuggler's Cove December 10, 2012
The Big Drink: 50 Cocktails to Try Before You Die June 07, 2012
Weird Art in Bars: Smuggler’s Cove  August 13, 2010
Oakland, CA: The Birth of the Mai Tai July 20, 2010
Best of San Francisco 2010: Eat + Drink  May 22, 2010
One Night, Three Bars and a Whole Lot of Absinthe May 05, 2010
Becoming Part of the Smuggler's Cove Club April 19, 2010
The Ultimate Five-Bottle Bar, Perfect for Apartment Dwelling March 30, 2010
The Rum of the Ancient Mariner: Smuggler's Cove Worthy of Hype December 4, 2009
Thank the (Tiki) Gods: Martin Cate is coming to SF June 03, 2009
Forbidden Island Farewell Feb. 2009
"If not a Tiki God (sorry), Cate is certainly considered one of the world's top authorities on this overlooked cocktail art form. While tropical and sometimes kitschy, Cate's drinks were always remarkably complex, balanced, and delcious." - Jordan Mackay
Island Fever June 30, 2008
"Unlike most tiki bartenders, Cate is as serious about his drinks as are any of the top mixologists in San Francisco, and he’s the only one from the tiki world you will ever see at the educational spirits tastings and distillery tours sponsored by the local bartenders’ guild."
San Francisco Magazine
Old Bartenders, New Bars November 2009
The Secret Stays With Him Backstory January 2007
Year Of The Cocktail Main Story January 2007
Class Magazine
I Am... Martin Cate October 30, 2012
Smuggler's Cove 2012
Beachbum Berry: Why I love Tiki December 20, 2011
The Wall Street Journal
Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle You Flavor Yourself February 7, 2009
An article by WSJ Spirits Writer Eric Felten on making homemade spiced rum featuring a recipe for it as well as an original cocktail.
Tiki Doesn't Have to Be Tacky October 4th, 2008
A perfect article on the tiki revival by WSJ Spirits Writer Eric Felten, featuring vintage recipes. "Forbidden Island proprietor Martin Cate has applied the new high-end-cocktail-culture insistence on hand-crafting and fresh ingredients to old, long-lost recipes."
USA Today
10 Great Places to Carry a Torch for Tiki Bars Travel section August 3rd 2007
Online Edition
Imbibe Magazine
Island Fever A rum drinker’s guide to the Caribbean July/Aug 2013
Sipping on the dock of the bay March/April 2012
Sappy Story March/April 2008
Today Show
Rum’s revival is about more than daiquiris February 17, 2010
Rum Sales on the Rise – Filmed at Forbidden Island Aired June 29, 2007
Sunset Magazine
Sparkling Mai Tai September 2011
Huffington Post
SF's Finest Bring Deviled Eggs, Crudo & Volcanic Punch to Taste of the Nation April 12, 2012
The 50 Best Bars In The World: San Francisco Nabs Three Spots November 8, 2011
Our Favorite Tiki Cocktails August 12,2011
Tiki Style Surfs New Wave of Awareness with Cool Cuisine and Exotic Drinks July 15, 2010
Culinary Concierge Magazine
Crescent City Blossom Featured  Summer 2007
Tied for 3rd place nationwide at the Tales of the Cocktail 5th Annual Cocktail Competition
You Tube
Martin discusses fire garnish at Tales of the Cocktail 2008 
Smuggler’s Cove - Oh Gosh! TV May 8, 2010
Washington Post
Spirits: Is it time for a fern bar revival? June 2, 2010
San Francisco Examiner
Dane Barca makes cocktails with a twist of the 19th century September 14, 2012
Smuggler's Cove Announces Triumvirate Rum April 21, 2011
Bartending whiz talks about SF farmers' market event  May 17, 2010
Martin Cate serves up authentic tiki drinks at Smuggler's Cov January 29, 2010
Wine Enthusiast
Wine Enthusiast’s Annual Wine Star Awards Introducing the nominees for the 2011 honor 2011
Martin Cate is nominated for 2011 "Mixologist of the Year"
Spiced Rum on the Rebound June 20, 2011
Bar Brands June 3, 2010
NBC Bay Area
Martin Cate Unveils Smuggler's Cove in All Its Tiki Glory December 4, 2009
The Tiki Gods are Smiling on the Bay Area December 11, 2009
Outrageous American Bars April 18, 2012
15 great craft cocktail bars around the country 2012
There’s nary a bowler hat or pair of suspenders to be found here; instead, Smuggler’s Cove is a supercharged tiki lounge
One for the Road: San Francisco March 08, 2013
Rum Boon: 2013 February 08, 2013
One for the Road: Rum Bars February 23, 2011
Rum Cocktails for All Seasons February 07, 2011
Spice Your Rum February 02, 2011
Behind the Cocktail: The Mai Tai July 19, 2010
Rum's Revival January 10, 2010
Nightclub and Bar Magazine
2011 Bar Awards: Smuggler's Cove Named Cocktail Bar of the Year March 7, 2011
Rum's Punch May 10, 2010
What Bars and Nightclubs Can Expect in 2010 December 23, 2009
Food and Wine
50 Best Bars in America 2011
Smuggler's Cove Featured
Excellent New Rum Bars August 2010
Fine Cooking
Everything Old is New and Improved October 22, 2010
Tiki Time Aug/Sept 2010
Bon Appetit
The Top 10 Best New Cocktail Bars August 2010
Drink Recipes from Our Top 10 Cocktail Bars: Smuggler's Cove, San Francisco July 29, 2010
The Explosive Power of Tiki Punch September 8, 2010
Beachbum Berry Blog
Plato's Cove Spetember 27, 2010
Tasting the World August 8, 2010
Tasting Table
20 Bartenders Take on Classic Cocktails 2013
Martin Does the Zombie 3 Ways
Refreshing cocktails with sorrel hit the glass June 1, 2012
Live Fuse - Extreme infusions make for thrilling drinking April 22, 2011
Martin Cate uses his comprehensive knowledge of classic tiki drinks to inform zany contemporary creations like the Zombie Apocalypse.
Light It Up - A coffee liqueur that's up to snuff May 4, 2010
Tasting Table's Best Cocktails 2010 2010
The Spirited Traveller: Crafty sipping in San Francisco March 13, 2011
America's Best Cocktail Bars May 10, 2011
Kanye West Eats Pancakes At Park Tavern, Tickles Crowd At Smuggler's Cove July 8, 2013
Lists: Smuggler's Cove Still Tops, Says Drinks International List October 11, 2012
Smuggler's Cove, Tommy's, Bar Agricole Ranked Best Bars in the World November 7, 2011
Smuggler's Cove Ranked 'Best SF Bar' By SFist Readers September 23, 2011
SFist – Favorite $10 Cocktail Spots August 2, 2011
SFist Drinks: The Caribeno at Smuggler's Cove May 21, 2010
SFist Drinks: Smuggler's Cove Opens Tonight December 8, 2009
Black Tot Rum, Sipped From Eye Dropper, Warms Heart, Drains Wallet: Review November 29, 2010
CBS News
Rum's spirited history  May 20, 2012
Rum Revival: New Interest in Old Spirit February 17, 2010
The Atlantic
Getting Toasted - The drama (and sometimes danger) of the flaming cocktail February 20, 2013
A More Perfect Union August 11, 2010
The Bold Italic
Single Space  February 8, 2011
Martin says he first started getting into fern bar history because the '70s were considered the dark ages in the cocktail world.
Booze Cruise October 11, 2010
Holiday Cocktails: Seasonal Drinks from Top Mixologists December 3, 2012
San Francisco bartender recounts life of tiki master at Tales July 26, 2012
Tales of the Cocktail of 'Fern Bars' seminar is a trip down memory lane July 26, 2010
Endless Summer: Rum is Sunshine Distilled July 16, 2011
Travel + Leisure
America's Best Cocktail Bars May 2011
Smuggler's Cove Featured
Serious Eats
Bartender's Choice: What to Order at Smuggler's Cove in San Francisco January 7, 2013
2010 in Spirits and Cocktails: Mezcal, Tiki's Comeback, and Friendly Bartenders December 29, 2010
Cocktails and Spirits with Paul Clarke: Trends to Watch for in 2010 December 30, 2009
Yeezy Wire July 8, 2013
Where to Drink in San Francisco Right Now, Spring 2013 April 22, 2013
Drinks Writer Camper English On The SF Cocktail Scene  November 30, 2012
16 of the Best Rum-Centric Cocktail Bars in America November 28, 2012
Thanks to guys like Martin Cate of Smuggler's Cove ... many of us finally know what a real mai tai tastes like.
Eater's 38 Essential Cocktail Bars Across the US November 26, 2012
Absinthe Pastry Chef Shuffles, Smugglers Cove Parties, More! December 7, 2010
Rum Rising July 20, 2010
Eater SF Smuggler's Cove Photoset on Flickr January 5, 2010
Fall Previews: The Nine Big Deal Restaurants to Watch September 24, 2009
Return to the Cove August 16, 2012
The Mother of all days May 10, 2011
Smuggler’s Cove announces Triumvirate Rum April 21, 2011
National Rum Day tropical cocktail recipes August 16, 2010
Fun wine and spirit stops for your trip to San Francisco January 25, 2010
Smuggler's Cove goes local October 20, 2009
Thirsty in LA
Tiki Nights Times Two in Los Angeles April 21, 2013
Martin Cate’s Pampanito Wins the Tiki Throwdown at 320 Main September 4, 2012
OOGA BOOGA! Tiki-Ti Celebrates 50 Years April 27, 2011
Williams Sonoma Blog
All This Rum! A New Tiki Bar Cocktail August 17, 2011
How to Make a Classic Daiquiri July 8, 2011
Sky: Delta Inflight Magazine
Everybody's Talking About Tiki Bars August 2011
Get Your Seasonal Drink On at Wednesday’s Farmers’ Market Cocktail Hour May 24, 2011
A San Francisco Cocktail Kaleidoscope May 16, 2011
Behold Smuggler’s Cove’s Latest Party Trick, the Punch Volcano April 8, 2011
The Left Coast, You Know, Has Quite a Cocktail Scene Happening October 22, 2010
Tonga Room’s Final Fate to Be Decided This Week October 18, 2010
Smuggler's Cove Rum as Elite as the Staff December 1, 2009
Happy Hour: Modern Henry #1 December 8, 2010
Is the Fern Bar Poised For a Comeback? November 29, 2010
Happy Hour: Singapore Sling April 12, 2010
Last Minute Plans: A "Fern Bar" Halloween at the Whistler October 31, 2011
The Sad Story of Trader Vic's in Chicago July 1, 2011
UK Rumfest 2013!! Celebrating all things RUM in London! - A Mountain of Crushed Ice October 23, 2013
In his seminar “Tales from America´s No 1 Rum Bar” Martin Cate told us the story of his fabulous rum bar Smuggler´s Cove and also quite a bit of the story of the tiki bars and drinks.
Take 5: Martin Cate, owner of Smuggler’s Cove in San Francisco and rum cocktail maestro - Atomic Grog Blog September 13, 2013
Kanye West Visits Smuggler’s Cove - Hayeswire July 07, 2013
Bar of the Year 2013 Runner Up No. 1: Hale Pele - Willamette Week April 24, 2013
San Francisco Nightlife - Fodor's Guide April 1, 2013
Ian Burrell: World's Best Rum Bars March 1, 2013
Highly-Touted Mixologist 3L w/Ph.D. Leads UC Hastings' Top-Tier Law Journal January 02, 2013
Barca is a member of the prestigious Bartender’s Guild, and works Wednesdays and Thursdays at the Smuggler’s Cove
TIKI, Not Tacky - Flavor & The Menu 2013
Jeffrey Morgenthaler - Fork and Shaker 2013
Bartending boot camp will have you mixing it up like a tiki god - Oregonlive.com October 22, 2012
World's 50 Best Bars 2012 from Drinks International Announced - Alcademics October 10, 2012
Best Summer Cocktails - Departures Magazine July/August 2012
The Wray & Ting: Smuggler’s Cove, San Francisco
Tiki to the Limit - Tasting Panel Magazine July 2012
Cocktail Commentary: Smuggler’s Cove - Instant Grativacation June 23, 2012
‘Top Drink’ to benefit NV Museum - Napa Valley Register June 21, 2012
A Paradise of Rum Smuggler’s Cove - SFStation June 19, 2012
Smuggler's Cove: drinking tiki in San Francisco Honolulu Magazine  March 2, 2012
Overproof Spirits - Shakestir.com November 30, 2011
Smuggler's Cove Tiki Bar - Chezpei.com November 22, 2011
San Francisco Has Great Bars - SFStation November 8, 2011
The World's 50 Best Bars November 4, 2011
Smuggler's Cove was ranked the 19th Best Bar in the World in a recent survey of spirits industry professionals.
Rumbullion: A Conversation with Martin Cate November, 2011
Lights, Camera, Cocktails - The Daily Beast October 29, 2011
SF: Smuggler's Cove - The Minty October 24, 2011
Martin Cate in Stockholm - Trader Magnus October 24, 2011
Smuggler's Cove - Heavy Taste October 19, 2011
Top tiki cocktails at Greater Phoenix bars - AZCentral October 1, 2011
Even I’m Confused About Rum - Chow.com September 28, 2011
Tiki Drink Master Martin Cate hits Stockholm - A Mountain of Crushed Ice August 31, 2011
Cocktail of the Week: Classic Zombie August 17, 2011
Best Cocktail Bars: Smuggler’s Cove - Rum Mixology Blog July 21, 2011
Smuggler’s Cove Receives More National Recognition - SFStation May 2, 2011
The Weekender - Urbandaddy.com April 14, 2011
An Evening with Ron Abuelo at Smuggler's Cove - The Rum Collective February 6, 2011
Rum runners and Johnny walkers - Trinidad Express February 4, 2011
The reinvention of San Francisco - Lucire 2011
Tradewinds at Smuggler's Cove - Weekly Cocktail December 9, 2010
Smuggler's Cove Bar in San Francisco - Cooking With Single Guy December 9, 2010
Dead Reckoning - Cocktail Slut November 27, 2010
Two Cocktail Venues To Try During BlogHer Food '10 - blogher.com September 29, 2010
Where To Drink Rum: Smuggler’s Cove, San Francisco - Rumdood.com September 8, 2010
Best San Francisco Bars for Rum Lovers - HubPages September 2, 2010
Martin Cate Blows the Lid (Almost) off Tiki Oasis - Rowley's Whiskey Forge August 31, 2010
Bars go tiki chic August 19, 2010
Smugger’s Cove - A Jigger of Blog August 17, 2010
Old & New Cocktails - Tales Blog July 24, 2010
#TOTC: Arrivals — Martin Cate - Slow Cocktails July 20, 2010
Summer Pub Crawling: Smuggler’s Cove - Fogged in Lounge June 27, 2010
All Hail Smuggler’s Cove - NW Vivant June 16, 2010
We Like Big Rums - Served Raw June 14, 2010
Tales of the Cocktail Preview: Fern Bars - Tipple Sheet May 25, 2010
Smuggler's Cove - 7 Bars in 7 Nights May 6, 2010
The Tiki Bar Makes a Comeback April 08, 2010
Sweet Heat Your Favorite Drinks, Hot - Urbandaddy.com February 26, 2010
Rum revival sparks new interest in old spirit - The Daily News Online February 23, 2010
Rum revival sparks new interest in old spirit - Erie Times-News February 19, 2010
Yo-ho-ho and bottles of rum as bartenders breathe new life into an old spirit - The Moose Jaw Times Herald February 17, 2010
Give Martin Cate All Your Money - Scofflaw's Den February 16, 2010
Rum and Punch: Two Trends for 2010 - Off The Presses February 14, 2010
Interview: Bartender Martin Cate - Food GPS February 12, 2010
Where to Geek Out (and Get Bombed) on Premium Spirits - Citysearch February 11, 2010
Cocktail Town Video of Martin Cate Making a Jet Pilot 2010
A Speakeasy for Rum December 8, 2009
Escape to Smuggler's Cove December 7, 2009
The House that Martin Built December 6, 2009
Smuggler's Cove in Pictures and Words December 5, 2009
Smuggler's Cove Snapshot December 4, 2009
Smuggler's Cove Close to Opening - tablehopper.com December 01, 2009
Smuggler’s Cove to serve local house red wine and brown ale - Beer at Joe's October 20, 2009
Interview with Martin Cate on RumDood.com October 5, 2009
The Dead Reckoning at Nirvino (video) September 2009
See a how-to video of one of Martin's best drinks! Filmed at his home bar.
Martin Cate prepares his award winning cocktail The Dead Reckoning September 2009
Five Tastes from SF Chefs - Beer at Joe's Blog August 8, 2009
Spirited Dinner 2009 Review with Martin Cate and Jeff "Beachbum" Berry July 29, 2009
An entry in the Tales of the Cocktail communal blog by Chuck "Gumbo Pages" Taggart
Smuggler's Cove soon to open rum-running in San Francisco July 2, 2009
Ponche De Tiki - In the Mix June 22, 2009
Daiquiri Days and Tiki Nights - Hedonia Blog February 08, 2009
"It's Tiki Time" from Tasting Panel Magazine  February 2009
"Rum-based tiki drinks are making big waves again." by Camper English
It's Tiki Time from Bars and Clubs Magazine - Australia November 2008
Genius, Color and Fantasy - Interview with Martin Cate - (Argentine Cocktail Blog) March 22, 2013
Paradise cocktails from the "Pirate Bay" - (Russia) June 26, 2012
Do tikidrinkar as Martin Cate - (Swedish) September 1, 2011
Top class bartender at Sjöfartshotellet Stockholm - Visit Stockholm Blog August 26, 2011